About us

Welcome to RS Post Office Supplies. 

We provide an online service to post offices and retailers throughout the mainland UK. We supply the stationery products that are of relevance to the current retail environment.

We are a trading name of R & S Greeting Cards Ltd, registered in England. Company Registration number 01193808. We are one of the largest and well known independent wholesale distributors in London and the South East. We operate from our depot at Fourth Way, Wembley Trading Estate, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 0LH.

We are a family run business, established since 1974. Our customer base is varied, and our name is synonymous with reliability and value for money. This site consists of a range of stationery products relevant to retailers that require mailing products and fast selling stationery lines, and one that was generated from data gathered from over 400 of our customers.

Our pricing is second to none, and we will bring our Wholesale Distribution Centre to your doorstep. There is no two tier pricing. The online prices are exactly the same as our wholesale prices. Furthermore, the minimum order is only £75.00, and there is no delivery charge.

We accept payment by credit/debit card.


  • £75 minimum order size.
  • No delivery charge.
  • Wholesale prices delivered to your door.